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REMUSexhaustshop is an authorized retailer of REMUS high performance exhaust systems.

Kayalonmotorsports DBA REMUSexhaustshop is an authorized re-seller of REMUS high performance exhaust systems.

Welcome to remusexhaustshop an online store that is committed to providing our customers a safe and secure online shopping experience. Remusexhaustshop.com is owned and operated by Kayalonmotorsports, a family run business that specializes in online ecommerce niche web sites. Kayalonmotorsports was founded in 2006 and remusexhaustshop.com was brought online in July 2013.

Remusexhaustshop specializes in providing Remus high quality aftermarket performance exhausts for cars and motorcylces at the authorized manufactures established price structure. This is considered niche website that is dedicated to selling one Brand of Performance Exhausts.

As Remusexhaustshop progresses ahead in the next years we will continually update our site. If you are looking for an exhaust for your car or bike and you don't see it on the website please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our commitment to you is twofold; first our pledge to you is "Customers Come First" and second, that we provide quality products at reasonable price to every customer. We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us at 800-595-0619.

If you need to reach us by email please feel free to do so with the email link on our

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