Custom Exhaust Buyers Guide

By Remus Exhaust Shop

Author: Wayne Gregson

There are many reasons to install a custom exhaust on your car: you may want to extract more horsepower, change the exhaust sound, improve its appearance, or fit a quality long-lasting system.

Remus Exhaust systems proudly manufactured for the following Makes and Models:

BMW - F10, F11, F20, F21, F22, F23, F30, F31, F36, F80, F82, E30, E36, E46, E70, E71 E82, E85, E89, E90, E91, E92, E93, M85

Porsche -911, Boxster, Cayman, Cayenne, Macan, Panamera

Mercedes Benz - A Class, B Class, C Class, CLA, CLK, E Class, S Class, SL, SLK

Subaru - BRZ

Scion - FRS

Ford - Mustang, Focus

Mazda - CX-3

Mini - F50, F55, F56.R50, R52, R53, R55, R56, R57, R58, R60

Hyundai Genesis.

Why REMUS sport exhaust?

REMUS is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of aftermarket sport exhaust systems. Remus is ISO 14001, ISO 9001,ISO/TS 16949 and TÜV approved. Remus is OEM supplier to manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes AMG, Porsche, Volkswagen, McLaren and tuners such as Brabus, ABT and AC-Schnitzer. This allows access to shared CAD files for fully automated quick and accurate fitment using the factory mounting points.

All REMUS sport exhausts are hand made in Austria using the highest quality materials and meet or exceed strict TÜV standards. All exhausts are constructed of 304 stainless steel with a shot blasted finish to increase resistance to fatigue failures, corrosion fatigue and stress corrosion cracking while also ensuring that they never rust. Each system is developed and designed specifically for each model to ensure correct back pressure, sound quality and fitment.

REMUS sport exhaust features:

- Dyno proven performance gains

- Designed, developed and hand made in Austria

- Deep and aggressive exhaust note tuned to perfection in an acoustic laboratory

- High Quality 304 stainless steel construction

- Car Exhausts backed by 3 year, no questions asked, unlimited mileage warranty

Components of Exhaust Systems

Before deciding what to do, it's important to understand the components of your exhaust system.

Headers:These are bolted directly on the engine and have four, six or eight ports, depending upon the whether the engine is a 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, V6 or V8. Stock headers are normally cast iron and designed for low cost rather than efficiency.

Custom headershave equal-length pipes running from each cylinder before joining together; these improve engine efficiency by scavenging exhaust gases and give increased horse power and improved mpg.

Catalytic Converter:This is fitted downstream of the header and is used to neutralize noxious gases from the engine. It is a legal requirement, but most states permit its replacement with a custom cat provided the new unit meets or exceeds EPA requirements and is labeled as such (if not your car may fail its emission test). OEM cats are considerably more expensive than aftermarket units.

Downpipe:Some vehicles have a large bore pipe joining the header to the catalytic converter that often includes fittings for exhaust sensors. Some aftermarket downpipes incorporate the catalytic converter.

Resonator:The resonator reduces some of the harsher noises from 4 and 6 cylinder vehicles. Not all vehicles have resonators as they work in conjunction with the muffler to produce the desired exhaust note. It is fitted after the catalytic converter.

Exhaust Tubing:This tubing connects the components of the exhaust. The design of OEM tubing is restrictive with flow limiting bends caused by low cost manufacturing techniques.

Mufflers:These complete the process of reducing engine noise and create the desired note. OEM mufflers usually deaden engine noise to the extent that you can hardly hear the engine and they restrict performance.

Exhaust Tips:The only part of the exhaust you normally see are the tips protruding out the rear. They perform a critical function of ensuring that exhaust gases are not drawn into the vehicle. It's very common to replace these with better looking aftermarket tips.

Types of Custom Exhaust Systems Available

Although you can replace individual components, to improve performance and ensure that you have a good looking, long-lasting system, it's better to replace as much of the system as possible.

Turbo Back Exhaust:(for cars with turbo chargers) A turbo back system replaces all components downstream of the turbo charger.

Cat Back Exhaust:A cat back system replaces all the components downstream of the catalytic converter, and is recommended as an effective method to reduce exhaust gas restriction and produce a healthy exhaust sound.

Axle Back Exhaust:These replace the components after the rear axle, including piping, muffler and tips. It's cheaper, looks good but is not as efficient as a cat back exhaust.

Universal Mufflers:Universal mufflers are a cost effective method of replacing blown mufflers, can improve exhaust note and are cheaper.

Focusing on performance, quality and customer satisfaction along with industry innovation has led to Remus becoming the largest and most successful exhaust manufacturer in Europe. Remus produces exhausts for over 5000 different applications. Remus engineers work hand in hand with the World's leading car and motorcycle manufactures to ensure optimum performance, precise fitment, awesome sound and pleasing eye catching aesthetics. Whether for auto or bike Remus is sure to provide additional horsepower and torque and years of satisfaction. Remus car exhausts are backed by a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty.

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