Installing a Remus Exhaust on Your Prized vehicle.

1.¬Start by unpacking the exhaust from the box.¬Check to make sure there is no damage and that all the parts are there and in good shape.¬

2.¬Next read the instructions to familiarize yourself with the exhaust¬†installation process.

3.¬Next gather all the necessary tools to do the job.¬Some of the tools need might be, socket set, various screw drivers, breaker bar, sawzall with metal blade, compressor and impact tools, torque wrench, rust free, floor jack and jack stands. If you happen to have access to a car lift then you wont need the floor jack and jack stands.¬The sawzall will be used to cut the existing exhaust tubing if necessary.¬Some of our exhaust systems are cut and splice and some are bolt on.

4.¬If using floor jack and jack stands get your car up as far as possible to allow room to move around and to get any bends up and over the rear axle.¬Make sure that car is stable on the jack stands before crawling under it.

5.¬If using a car lift, then raise to a comfortable stand position.¬If going this route you will need a helping hand of some type to hold the new exhaust in place while you position it and then tighten it up.

6.¬If the instructions say cut and splice the exhaust tubing¬†there will be¬†a template included¬†that will show you where to cut your existing tube off at.¬

¬†7.¬Find any hangers that affect the removal and make sure they are disconnected.

8.¬Drop the old exhaust and put it off into the corner.¬You might consider saving your old exhaust in case you want to re-install it for any reason.¬If not sell it, or legally discard it somehow.

9.¬Test fit the new exhaust parts.¬Do not tighten any clamps or bolts.¬You will want to snug these up while your positioning the system.¬Next clamp the tips on if equipped with clamp on tips.¬If not skip this step.¬Make sure the tips are centered into the rear skirt openings, when centered properly, go back and tighten all connections to torque recommendations.

10.¬Lower your car to the ground, start it up, hear the sonorous sound speak to you.¬Check all connections for signs of exhaust leaks, if found re- tighten.

11.¬Take your car out for the first test drive, feel the added wheel torque, experience better throttle response, and listen to the deep sonorous sound exiting.¬

That is, you‚Äôre done, ¬†pretty easy and straight forward.¬†¬

  • Your new Exhaust is Eye Pleasing
  • Your new Exhaust sound better with a much deeper race tone
  • Your new Exhaust has been dyno tested at the factory
  • Your new Exhaust is worth the money invested

Focusing on performance, quality and customer satisfaction along with industry innovation has led to Remus becoming the largest and most successful exhaust manufacturer in Europe. Remus produces exhausts for over 5000 different applications. Remus engineers work hand in hand with the World's leading car and motorcycle manufactures to ensure optimum performance, precise fitment, awesome sound and pleasing eye catching aesthetics. Whether for auto or bike Remus is sure to provide additional horsepower and torque and years of satisfaction. Remus car exhausts are backed by a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty.

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