Remus Performance Sport Exhaust
Remus Performance Sport Exhaust

How to increase horsepower and wheel torque without breaking bank.

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Remus Titanium 2 Performance Exhaust
Remus Titanium 2 Performance Exhaust

Surface treated full titanium lightweight construction.   The shot-blasted Titanium 2 give an exclusive appearance together with the increas

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Remus Race Exhaust Muffler
Remus Race Exhaust Muffler

Remus   is 1 Brand for more than 5000 different car and bike exhaust , no other company can offer that w

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Remus Universal Muffler with Dual Exits
Remus Universal Muffler with Dual Exits

Universal Rear Exhaust Rear Muffler with dual exits The inlet is stepped and can fit 2.0", 2.25" or 2.5" inlet tubing.  The muffler body measures 8.27" x

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Throughout history,  performance exhaust systems has always been one of the judging points when it comes to determining a car’s value. Endowing your car better performance abilities give the driver additional flexibility and also greatly adds to the car’s wow factor. As such, aftermarket parts designed to make cars look and run fast are developed. One of the most popular aftermarket performance accessories are aftermarket exhaust systems. They come in different shapes and sizes, and most of them are designed to fit the dimensions and needs of specific rides. In this article, we’ll talk about how performance aftermarket systems work, as well as the different types of aftermartket systems available on the market.

How do custom aftermarket exhausts work and how does it increase performance.  Let’s put it this way. Experts in aftermarket combustion engine performance say that one key to increase its output is to allow efficient airflow. This is the reason why aftermarket systems are developed. Created in such a way that allows for less restrictive air movement, improving the system flow improves a car’s performance by allowing it to release spent gases faster. Because airflow is more efficient, the engine is able to perform at a much higher level. An improved engine sound also comes as a welcome bonus.

Depending on one’s budget and preference, one can select how extensive the custom aftermarket system is. Here are some of the most popular aftermarket performance systems available on the market.

  • Aftermarket Mufflers- This is undoubtedly the most basic of all upgrades. And as such, it is also the least expensive among all your options. The visible portion of your system, this is the terminal or “tip” portion.  Giving tangible benefits right away, this is one of the most basic aftermarket performance upgrades out there. Because not much modification is done to your car, it can be installed within hours or even minutes.
  • Aftermarket Axle-backs- An axle-back aftermarket system, meanwhile, modifies the system from the rear axle to the tips. As this is a more extensive upgrade, you can expect this to be just a little bit more expensive. But the performance and sound upgrade would be much bigger. This is an aftermarket system best recommended for intermediate car tuners.
  • Aftermarket Cat-backs- This is the most extensive street-legal aftermarket upgrade out there. Replacing all the pipes from the catalytic converter back with aftermarket parts, it replaces all the pipes on your system with the exception of the catalytic converter, an essential component for keeping the exhaust gases clean. Unsurprisingly, this is the most expensive and the most labor-intensive to install. This system is perfect for cars used for both road and track and for drivers that want nothing less than maximum engine performance.

Installing an aftermarket performance system has always been one of the most popular and fundamental car upgrades you can get. A system that adds both style and substance to your ride, a system chosen and installed properly can make any car a much more formidable force on the street. And with different choices to choose from, owners can choose the upgrade they feel is best for them.

Focusing on performance, quality and customer satisfaction along with industry innovation has led to Remus becoming the largest and most successful exhaust manufacturer in Europe. Remus produces exhausts for over 5000 different applications. Remus engineers work hand in hand with the World's leading car and motorcycle manufactures to ensure optimum performance, precise fitment, awesome sound and pleasing eye catching aesthetics. Whether for auto or bike Remus is sure to provide additional horsepower and torque and years of satisfaction. Remus car exhausts are backed by a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty.

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