Looking for a Remus Exhaust for your Subaru BRZ, look no further because we have it.


If you are looking for a ride which can impress you in the first instance with its amazing look and feel and scintillating performance, then Subaru BRZ is the perfect choice for you. The car features boxer engine (fitted in a horizontally opposite setup) and offers a real sports car experience. Developed as a joint venture project by Toyota and Subaru, it brings to the world a one of a kind sports ride experience like never before. The car houses exuberant driving experience with improved steering facility and world class sports car feel.

As compared to other Subaru models, the engine in BRZ has been housed in a much lower position. This ensures that this car has one of the most amazingly lowest gravity centers in the cars available in the market today. By having such a low center of gravity, the car ensures that it has an excellent handling capability which ensures a never like before driving experience for the driver. Moreover, the car also offers an extremely light weight chassis that takes the driving experience to an all new level.

Developed as sister model of extremely famous and highly anticipated Toyota 86 model, Subaru BRZ finally made it to the market in the mid of year 2012. Being a joint venture, the car is available under both the banners, with the only difference in the front bumper setup of the car. Generally, the model is available in a single trim level; the boxer engine setup offers 6 speed automatic or manual transmission facility, which ensures that the driver has full control over the car. Some of the features are dependent on the dealer such as the sports seats can come with leather or cloth covering and HID headlights can be optional.

Moreover, the car houses features like high quality fog lights which ensure a trouble free driving experience in the turbulent foggy weather. For the entertainment buffs, Subaru BRZ brings along MP3 stereo player with the USB port facility. You also get Bluetooth, knee/curtain airbags, smart keyless car entry setup along with the starter button to enhance the class and comfort of this sport car. Other features include paddle shifters, stability control setup with three different modes, cruise control, floor illumination facility, etc.  The specifications might vary between different GCC countries, with most of them offering automatic version.

As a sports car, it is amazing.  You think of class, comfort, style, luxury, and technology; Subaru BRZ gets full marks for all of these traits. If you are looking out for a reliable exhaust system to enhance the functionality of your Subaru BRZ, then Remus Sport Exhaust Muffler is the perfect choice for you.  It boasts 2 5” angle cut tips and a 2.36” OD racing tube that eliminates the front silencer.  This perforamnce exhaust not only enhances the functionality of your car, but also improves the look and feel of your sport giant. Being EC approved exhaust, it guarantees high performance and reliability. Improving the torque and horsepower of your car, you can rest assured to get more out of your Subaru BRZ with this exhaust setup in place. Moreover, you are provided with a 3-years warranty, which adds to the high performance of this exhaust setup.


  • Stainless steel exhaust for durability
  • 3 year unlimited mileage exhaust warranty
  • 5" dual tipped exhaust
  • Exhaust provide additonal horsepower
  • Exhaust provides increased wheel torque
  • Exhaust emits sonorous deep throated sound
  • Exhaust is direct replacement
  • Easy installed the exhaust uses all the OE connect points



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Focusing on performance, quality and customer satisfaction along with industry innovation has led to Remus becoming the largest and most successful exhaust manufacturer in Europe. Remus produces exhausts for over 5000 different applications. Remus engineers work hand in hand with the World's leading car and motorcycle manufactures to ensure optimum performance, precise fitment, awesome sound and pleasing eye catching aesthetics. Whether for auto or bike Remus is sure to provide additional horsepower and torque and years of satisfaction. Remus car exhausts are backed by a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty.

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